Ultraman Blazar at VeVe: What Happened?

Ultraman Blazar at VeVe: What Happened?

Day 1 of New York Comic Con was an incredible experience, but perhaps one of the most unbelievable experiences happened after the Javits Center closed, across town. At the Paradise Club in Times Square, an exclusive party held by VeVe Digital Collectibles and Funko had an intense extraterrestrial encounter as Ultraman Blazar appeared to protect partygoers from a Kaiju attack!

The incursion started right in the middle of the party, as partygoers were shocked, terrified, and perhaps even delighted as a marauding band of Kaiju and aliens, led by the mysterious Infinite, busted their way onto the stage and threatened to conquer not just the party, but the whole convention! Luckily, Ultraman Blazar arrived on the scene, having already been in the area due to celebrating the convention with a number of meet-and-greet events. 

The battle seemed stacked against Blazar, with Infinite, Strong Gomorant, and Zamsher doing their best to utterly crush the mysterious hero — and yet, as any fan of the Ultraman Series would be able to guess, Blazar was able to fight them off handily, and eventually defeat them, even matching Zamsher in a battle of swordplay using his own Tilsonite Sword.

The greatest challenge was yet to come, however, as Infinite unleashed his final weapon before his defeat — the titanic Bazanga! The space Kaiju seemed even larger in person than it had been on screen, towering over Blazar. Blazar, however, was not afraid, and took on the enormous beast, grappling with it with savage power before destroying it once and for all with a throw of his Spiral Burrade, saving the party and all of New York! The partygoers responded, fittingly, with deafening applause and cheers — New York loves Ultraman, after all!

This was just the first clash between Blazar and the Kaiju threat, with the largest battle coming at noon tomorrow, Saturday October 14th, at the Ultraman Blazar: Spectacle Live in NYCC 2023! If you’re at New York Comic Con, make sure not to miss it!