Fans React to Ultraman Blazar Episode 24 “The Approaching Third Wave”

Fans React to Ultraman Blazar Episode 24 “The Approaching Third Wave”

With one episode away from the finale, we are almost to the end of our Ultraman Blazar journey, and the long awaited episode 24 “The Approaching Third Wave” sets us up for a finale that’s sure to take us home. As the title indicates, the Third Wave finally approacheth! Faced with Varallon, the Space Bomber Kaiju attacking the moon, SKaRD is called to action once again, this time with the assistance of Earth Garon Mod. 4, equipping the team for a space battle with Earthy’s most powerful upgrade yet.

Tensions were higher than ever, with SKaRD facing the very real risk of not returning. Of course every battle is a gamble when dealing with giant monsters from outer space, but this time things felt more dire. What’s more scary than fighting intergalactic Kaiju on earth? Fighting them in space!

While the team members tie up their loose ends before heading for the moon, Emi and Earthy bond. Emi reminds Earth Garon that he’s more than a robot accomplice to them, but a true friend and part of the team. Earth Garon got to be a hero beyond his brawn this episode, equipping Emi with the info she needed to figure out what’s really going on.

Whenever we get a look into Gento’s personal life, we’re met with melancholia. A strong leader who sacrifices his health and attention to protect his team and planet is nothing short of noble, but our hearts go out to his family who also make some overlooked sacrifices of their own to support him.

Earth Garon and Varallon faced off, leaving Anri and Yasunobu incapacitated with only a desperate Gento and a reluctant Blazar left to save the day one last time.

This was not Blazar’s easiest fight by any means — in fact, I think it’s fair to say we’ve never seen him struggle so hard.

Varallon was truly a final boss, but thanks to Blazar’s valor, he was still able to save Earth and keep the moon in orbit through a great act of self-sacrifice.

It’s a dark day in Ultra history when an Ultra and host are forced to separate.

Despite the physical toll their bond has taken on them, Gento and Blazar’s separation is heart-wrenching to all who acknowledge their shared hopes for the fate of humanity.

For a final time, we’re left wondering if our questions will be answered.

Will Gento’s second identity be revealed? Will the world prevail against the third wave? Will Blazar be salvaged?

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