Varallon — The Model of a Final Foe

Varallon — The Model of a Final Foe

Ultraman Blazar is currently in its darkest hour, thanks to the explosive nightmare that is the Space Bomber Kaiju, Varallon. With Blazar seemingly dead after sacrificing himself to save Gento Hiruma and Earth Garon Mk.4 drifting in orbit, all after a single encounter with this terror, Varallon has positioned itself as one of the most powerful — and viscerally horrifying — entities in modern Ultraman. Let’s take a look at exactly what makes Varallon so scary, and see if perhaps we can find a weakness… before it destroys the Earth, that is.

Varallon is the “Third Wave,” the latest and potentially final Space Kaiju bioweapon sent by the mysterious V99 aliens. Standing at 60 meters tall and 69,000 tons (NOT nice), Varallon is among the largest kaiju faced by the forces of SKaRD, dwarfed only by utter titans like Brood Gebalga and Deltandal B. 

When compared to the previous Space Kaiju, Varallon manages to incorporate the roles of both its predecessors, having the crowd control abilities of Bazanga, and the production-based skillset designed to make the Earth uninhabitable like Gebalga — however, it takes both of these roles to horrifying extremes. True to its title as the Space Bomber Kaiju, Varallon’s primary power is the production of organic explosives within its body, expelled in bombs that detach from its tail.

Explosives and organic bombs are not necessarily new to the Ultraman Series, being reminiscent of the Terrible-Beast powers of Yapool’s own bioweapons from Ultraman Ace. What makes Varallon’s bombs truly horrifying, however, is the sheer spectacle and power. While variable in strength, a paltry few of these bombs was enough to knock the Moon out of orbit after some preparation by Varallon — Yes, Varallon prepares. Unlike the natural monsters of Earth, what makes Varallon truly a force to be feared, even compared to previous V99 Space Kaiju, is its ability to plan, and use its abilities tactically.

Varallon decimated Earth Garon and Blazar almost immediately, timing its explosives to detonate earlier than the expected time from GGF predictions. It used the threat of the Moon crashing down to weaken Blazar and force him to exert himself — and then it struck, draining his energy and using it to evolve into a more horrifying second form.

We don’t know what the second form of Varallon has in store, but the Space Bomber Kaiju is uncontested now as it heads towards Earth, the final weapon of V99. How will humanity respond to this apocalyptic monster? The only way to find out is to watch the final episode of Ultraman Blazar tomorrow, January 19th, on the Ultraman Official Youtube and Ultraman Connection.