Fans React to Ultraman Blazar Episode 25 “The Ones Who Embrace the Earth”

Fans React to Ultraman Blazar Episode 25 “The Ones Who Embrace the Earth”

Alas, we arrive at the end of our journey — the long-awaited finale of the New Generation entry we’ve all come to know and love over the past year. Many are sad to see Ultraman Blazar go so soon, but at least we can say it went out with a bang!

We’ve seen characters grow, the world develop, and secrets uncovered, and yet some things never change. Blazar does utter a heartfelt final ‘we’ve got this’ this episode, but overall he remained the least verbal Ultra to the very end.

Some things change for the better, for instance, Earth Garon showed himself to be pretty useful this episode! Despite being a huge mecha seemingly built for combat, one of its biggest strengths was shown to be facilitating communication between the V99 fleet and Earth.

Emi was able to steer the crisis to a ceasefire, and avoid falling to the same mistakes made by her predecessors, a truly noble feat... 

Buuuut, there’s still some Kaiju to knock out the old fashioned way!

At the end of a truly satisfying series of events, Blazar whips out a final party trick to save the day — And this one is the best because it’s backed by the power of love, obviously.

Blazar and Gento might drain each other’s energy sometimes but this finale has proven that more than anything else, the two make each other better fighters and better leaders.

In a deviation from the typical Ultraman formula, we conclude the season without learning much of Blazar’s origin and without Gento’s cover being blown. Didn’t expect that to be honest! Welp, plenty mystery left to explore for Blazar content to come.

Blazar was not just a series, but an experience. I think it’s safe to say the best part of the watching experience wasn’t the community on screen (although they did steal our hearts) but it was the community behind every screen, joining together on multiple media platforms to share their thoughts, feelings, critiques, and memes with the rest of a truly remarkable fandom. It is your insight that brings Blazar beyond the world of Ultraman. The characters and tales we love are not confined to their story anymore, they become ever-evolving concepts with every comment, tweet, reddit post, and discord message. 

And don’t worry, the fun isn’t over yet. You asked for more Blazar and we said ‘Wilco!’ There’s more Blazar to come with the upcoming film and potential appearances in new series, so stay tuned here on Ultraman Connection for more updates on where our favorite monkey-man will be next!