Gedos and Guesra: Undersea Gluttons

Gedos and Guesra: Undersea Gluttons

Hello, Ultraman Connection Readers! I hope you’re enjoying Ultraman Blazar, currently airing on Ultraman Connection and the Ultraman Official Youtube Channel. This week’s episode, “The Man Who Created SKaRD,” featured a brand-new kaiju, the Abyssal Monster Gedos, who was quite a challenge for the newly-created Special Kaiju Reaction Detachment. However, though Gedos was a novel threat, there are other monsters who have risen up from the depths to cause problems in the long history of the Ultraman Series. Let’s talk about a similarly gluttonous one today, Guesra, and compare the two creatures!


A mutated, amphibious lizard from Brazil, Guesra made its appearance in the original 1966 Ultraman. Armed with little more than tremendous size and an equally tremendous appetite, Guesra raided ships ferrying cacao beans, its food of choice. Though the SSSP tried to lure the creature away, it instead came on to land to consume an entire warehouse full of cacao, endangering the coast and forcing Ultraman to arrive and battle it. 

Guesra’s weak point was its dorsal fin, and that weakness was something Ultraman took advantage of, ripping the fin off and causing the amphibious creature so much pain that it expired, ending its threat.

Decades later, a variant of Guesra known as King Guesra would become a regular threat to Earth, battled by several of the New Generation Ultras. While generally stronger than its original version, King Guesra shares the dorsal fin weakness, and has been defeated handily multiple times.


From the depths of the seas, Gedos was a legend among local fishermen — an abyssal creature who would rise from the depths when humanity failed to respect the seas, and eat everything. Though there is no proof of the mystical elements of Gedos’ history, the creature did emerge in the aftermath of the Battle of Bazanga to eat, and eat, and eat! Its anglerfish-like lure was in fact an extendable tentacle, capable of surging electricity through its prey and incapacitating it.

Breaking onto land to consume fish paste from a factory, Gedos wound up being the first enemy to be battled by the newly-formed SKaRD. Though the fledgling team fought well, Gedos’s end came in the form of the returning Ultraman Blazar, who, alongside the team, destroyed Gedos’s lure and quite literally fished it out of the water before spearing it through with his Spiral Burrade, ending its threat.

Both of these gluttonous monsters are more than a little fishy, but which do you like more? Give your thoughts about both in the Ultraman Connection Discord, and keep watching Blazar on the Ultraman Official Youtube Channel and the Ultraman Connection Exclusive Videos section!